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Wine writing

Published articles and reviews

  • Print article (in Dutch): “Wijn is een Sociaal Medium. Interview met Simonne Wellekens, Wine Lady of the Year 2019” in Ken Wijn-magazine #31, June 2019 (p. 36ff).

  • Print article (in Dutch): “Champagne en Kruiden – Aromabruggen tussen Wijn en Gerecht” in DM.Vino! #16, December 2017 (p. 13)

  • Print article (in Dutch): “Dégorgement en Dosage in Champagne” in Ken Wijn-magazine #28, December 2017 (p. 6ff).

  • Wine reviews Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés (in Dutch) in Ken Wijn-magazine #27, June 2017 (p.43)

  • Print article (in Dutch): “Boekreview: Meer dan 200 Champagneadresjes” in Ken Wijn-magazine #26, December 2016 (p. 47).

  • Print article (in Dutch): “Wijnaroma’s – over Rozengeur en Zonneschijn” in Ken Wijn-magazine #25, June 2016 (p. 6ff).

  • Online article about Belgian wines – with reviews/recommendations. On: January 2015.
Vivino article - Belgian wines

  • Featured user on More than 2000 wine ratings and reviews from 2014 to mid 2017.


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