Excel Summary for WSET4 Diploma: D4 Sparkling Wines

Right before the summer I finished the last of the WSET4 Diploma units, the D6 Research Paper. So if this too went well, I’ll be receiving my final grade in about a month. Fingers crossed! 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on the grape variety mind maps for the D3 and D5 modules, and quite a few people asked if I also made them for the D4 sparkling wines. Unfortunately, I haven’t, as I did the D4 exams last January, and only started making the visuals for the big D3 exam in May.

However, I am happy to share the study materials I did make for D4, more specifically my summary in Excel.
It’s a bit of a spreadsheet monster, but thanks to colour coding there’s at least some method to the madness:

  • Green columns: viticultural aspects / growing conditions
  • Yellow columns: winemaking
  • Blue columns: wine law, business & production data

Download The D4 Sparkling Wines Summary

If you would like to use the excel too for your own wine studies: see the download link below.
And most of all: hang in there, and don’t forget to enjoy the process, the learning ánd the tasting! 🙂


  • these are made based on the 2021 course materials. There has been an update in 2022 and there will be others in the future, so do check and adjust with the most up-to-date materials!
  • if you’d encounter any errors (or notice something important I’ve forgotten to add), be sure to send me a message, and I will update the file when I can.


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