Grape Variety MindMaps for WSET4 Diploma: D3-Wines of the World

We have just over two weeks to go until the big ‘Wines of the World’ exams for WSET4 Diploma, so most of the time I am oscillating between utter panic and – less frequently, unfortunately – a form of acceptance that I have done what I realistically can with the time and energy I had.

The dreaded ‘D3’ unit is the biggest one of the entire course, accounting for 50% of the programme contents and overall weighting. No less than 33 of the world’s main wine countries or regions are covered in detail, including the most important grape varieties for each of these: a daunting amount of information to study.

So in order to make my revision process easier – and a bit more fun – I’ve spent the past few days making visual representations – a kind of mind maps – of just over a hundred of the most important grape varieties in the course: where they are grown, which hazards or diseases they are most vulnerable to, which wine styles they most commonly produce, and other tidbits of information that may come in handy at the exam. To get an idea of what they look like:

Download The Grape Varieties MindMaps

Now, here’s the good news: if you’d like to see the full series and/or use the mind maps for your own learning purposes, here they are. Enjoy! 🙂

In the pdf below, I’ve ordered the pages first by grape colour; then by time of budding. But you can edit the document and play around with the order as it suits you best. That in itself is a great way to learn.

If you’d encounter any errors (or notice something important I’ve forgotten to add), be sure to send me a message, and I will update the file asap.


These mind maps were compiled for educational purposes, as a summary for personal use during my studies.

To make these, I consulted the sources listed below. The external images used in the pdf, which are not my own, link back to the original source.

Book: Wine Grapes (Vouillamoz, Robinson, Harding)


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