New Book Recommendation: The Grapes and Wines of Italy

With our Easter holidays coming to an end and the temperatures still on the low side, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a bit more cherished reading and/or study time.

Today’s setup:
✔️comfy couch
✔️my warm & snuggly wine blanket
✔️a mug of lemon & moringa tea
✔️the newest addition to my (wine) book collection: The Grapes and Wines of Italy, written by my mentors-in-Italian-wine Ian D’Agata and Michele Longo.

In case you’re wondering if the book is worth getting when you already have Native Wine Grapes of Italy & Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs on your bookshelves? Yes, very much so.

Because this is a totally different kind of book: it’s less of a ‘beach read for devoted wine lovers’ and more of a coursebook-style compendium. As you can see in the photos below, it contains overview tables and maps, and it captures the need-to-knows about each region and its most important grapes. All carefully selected and commented on by trustworthy experts in the field. This makes it the perfect complement to the other two books, for wine lovers and wine students alike.

All right, I’m going to dive back into the book now, and I suspect it will whet my appetite to have a glass (or two) of Italian wine later today. Most likely made from an obscure yet delicious native grape. 😉

Salute! 🍇🍷

The book is available on Amazon. Direct links:


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