Nine Photos, Nine Heartfelt Wishes for the New Year

How time flies… 2023 is already upon us. And as a timely reminder, I want to share my new year’s wishes for us all here… illustrated with some of my favourite photos of an exciting and eventful 2022.

May we in the new year:

✴️ Spend time in magical, unforgettable places

✴️ Show the people we love how much we care

✴️ Look up at trees much older than us to find perspective

✴️ Learn from people with more knowledge and experience in a chosen field

✴️ Find calmness, peace, rest and recovery within the flow of life

✴️ Share delicious food & wines with friends old and new

✴️ Fall in love with an unknown wine, grape, region or grape variety

✴️ Accomplish something we’ve wanted to do for a long time

✴️ Appreciate and celebrate the fruits of our labour, unapologetically, no matter how big or small

What are you wishing for yourself this year? And how are you going to make it happen?
Add your wish below…


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