Podcast – Champagne (in Dutch)

If you are still wondering about the what, why and how of champagne, and you understand (Flemish) Dutch: I was recently interviewed for Wijncast, a podcast by radio journalist and avid wine lover Dennis van den Buijs. In just under 30 minutes, we covered the most important champagne topics: from its production, its unique character and identity, to the difference between champagne and other sparkling wines, ánd even food and wine pairing tips.

For this interview, Dennis had picked the lovely little café Wattman in the fashionable Zurenberg quarter of Antwerp Berchem. What a great discovery it was: the whole area breathes that fabulous fin-de-siècle atmosphere, and it houses plenty of great bars and restaurants. In short: it’s definitely worth a visit for any lover of food, wine, recent history, stories and style!

Wattman – a lovely little café in an exciting fin-de-siècle neighbourhood in Antwerp, Belgium.

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