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The Belgian Wine and Asparagus Battles: #4 – Monovarietal vs. Blend

In this series, I select duos of Belgian wines to match a particular asparagus dish. My not-so-secret intent is to on the one hand showcase delicious wines from our little wine country, and hopefully provide some inspiration for your own quest for the holy asparagus grail: those divine combinations of wine and the ‘white gold’. Battle #4: Monovarietal vs. Blend.

The Belgian Wine and Asparagus Battles: #1 – Pinot Blanc vs. Pinot Gris

After our general wine pairing tips with asparagus earlier this month, it is time to put a number of actual pairings to the test.
In this series we will focus on classic asparagus dishes, combined with exclusively Belgian wines. We’ve set up the test as separate battles, in which each time two carefully selected wines will battle for first place as the best pairing for an asparagus classic.

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