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Whether you’re a seasoned hospitality professional or a wine-loving individual, it can be reassuring to get reliable advice or an independent second opinion. Wine & words can assist you in discovering the right wines for your cellar, wine list, dinner or event.

We do this with a wide outlook on the wine world, with an open mind and a sense of adventure. No matter what your budget, niche or food preferences are, we listen – and then seek out those wines that will create the best and most memorable experiences for you, for your guests, clients, family or friends.

What can Wine & words do for you?

For the wine and words logohospitality industry and food & beverage professionals:
  • provide an independent and professional second opinion when evaluating wine samples and suppliers;
  • create a balanced, original and well-matched wine list, with informative and well-written descriptions that reflect your identity and appeal to your customers;
  • train your staff in wine essentials, wine service, storage or the specifics of your chosen wines.
For businesses and organisations:
  • select the right wines for your events, meals or as corporate gifts – in line with your identity, image and ethos;
  • organise wine tastings, winery visits or food & wine dinners as team-building or networking events;
  • offer targeted courses on deciphering restaurant wine lists and ordering the right wine when dining out with clients.
For individuals:
  • organise personalised tastings in your home or at a location of your choice, for your family, friends or colleagues;
  • help you fill and organise your cellar with wines that fit your budget, your favourite foods, your dinner parties and events;
  • advise on food & wine pairing, wine ageing and storage conditions.

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Languages spoken: Dutch, English, German and French.

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